Dennis Morgan

Project: Harlem CoLab is focused on bringing real-world digital design experiences and training to underserved communities. In addition, Harlem CoLab will create partnerships with high-tech companies and individuals that make it possible for students and adults to truly be competitive in the future. Harlem CoLab will build Digital Fluency and technological capacity by exposing members of the underserved community to STEM activities and career readiness while providing parents and educators with an understanding of the future from a “tech as a career” perspective. 

Dennis Morgan is deeply engaged in the integration of technology, education, and equity. As the world embraces a "new normal", he has used this opportunity to listen to and speak with school communities and their leadership, collaboratively building a thoughtful technology practice in education. He has been working with corporations that are going through digital-transformation discussing their pain points and struggles, and challenging the biased constructs that prohibit employing technology experts from underserved communities. These conversations across disciplines and industries have established a baseline for future work that Dennis will engage with. Work that focuses on inclusivity, opportunity, access, and creating a rich tradition and culture in innovative technologies for underserved communities -- especially as it relates to Harlem, which drives his ambitions and focus. 

From October 2019, Dennis has served as the Manhattan Borough President Appointee for Community School District 3 in Manhattan. He has worked to chart a path toward academic and racial equity in education with District 3 school leadership on the Community Education Council for District 3 where he serves as Second Vice President. He also co-chairs the council’s Equity & Excellence Committee. 

Dennis is currently leading two initiatives at the intersection of education and technology. Through one, he is working with the DOE, Harlem school leadership, students, and families on an Imagine NYC project that seeks to innovate and redefine what public schools can provide to their students and community. The other is a program called Successful STEPS in the South Bronx where, through a partnership with Abraham House and Lincoln Hall Boys Haven, he is directing the technology component of the program to deliver software management training and digital fluency. 

Dennis has resided in Harlem since 1999. He accomplishes all of this work with the tremendous support of his wife and two children, to which he owes his successes.