May 26, 2017

Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University Presents Uptown

The Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University is pleased to present Uptown, a new triennial surveying the work of artists who live or practice north of 99th Street in New York City.  Uptown showcases the work of established and midcareer artists alongside emerging talent from Harlem, El Barrio, Washington Heights and all of northern Manhattan. With this initiative, the Wallach Art Gallery joins as a partner and presenter of northern Manhattan’s vibrant art scene. 

May 11, 2017

University President Lee C. Bollinger Announces the Columbia Commitment

For the more than 260 years since its foundation, Columbia has been in a state of perpetual evolution, yet always ensuring that each successive generation of students and professors have the tools they need to contribute to the body of knowledge and help solve some of the world’s greatest problems and dilemmas.