Columbia University and the 2020 Census

In this moment of unprecedented challenges, Columbia remains committed to being civically engaged, helping others, and supporting our democracy. As such, we are providing updated information and guidance on how you can meet a core responsibility established by our Constitution: participation in the 2020 Census. 

The 2020 Census will determine the distribution of over $675 billion in federal support for schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and other state and local needs. It also decides the number of Representatives each state sends to Congress. An accurate census count is vitally important to Columbia, our northern Manhattan neighbors and New York City and State.

All Columbia students, regardless of citizenship or immigration status, are required by law to be counted in the 2020 Census. There are two paths for being counted:

  • Students who have lived in a traditional on-campus student residence hall at any point during this semester (this includes all undergraduates and SEAS students, as well as select graduate students) will be counted through Group Quarters enumeration and therefore do not need to fill out an individual census form. This remains the case even if you left campus when we transitioned to online learning. The Electronic Data Transfer method of enumeration we are using to count this group of students is consistent with guidance received from the Census Bureau on March 15, and with the University’s FERPA policy.

  • Students who normally live off-campus or in a Columbia apartment-style building not designated under Group Quarters, should respond to the Census on their own at and use the address where they normally live while in school. If you’ve received a 12-digit Census ID in the mail, enter it online when prompted. If not, continue by selecting, “If you do not have a Census ID, click here.” One person per household can complete the Census for the entire household. Please contact your roommates to determine who will respond. If you cannot contact your roommate, you should fill out the Census on behalf of everyone who was living at your address anyway, to the best of your knowledge. The U.S. Census office has tools to remove duplicate responses.

List of University Residence Halls to Be Counted in Group Quarter Enumeration:

At Morningside Campus:

535 W. 112th St

600W 113St- shared building with grad students 

Broadway Res.

Carman Hall

Carlton Arms- shared building with grad students 

East Campus

Furnald Hall

Harmony Hall

Hartley Hall

Hogan Hall

John Jay Hall

Lenfest Hall

McBain Hall

River Hall

Ruggles Hall

Schapiro Hall

Wallach Hall

Watt Hall

Wien Hall

Woodbridge Hall


At the Medical Center:

Bard Hall


60 Haven Avenue

1000 Haven Avenue

154 Haven Avenue