The Office of Government & Community Affairs (GCA) is the University’s primary liaison with federal, state, and local government, as well as with residents, community leaders, and civic organizations in surrounding neighborhoods. The office serves as a gateway to Columbia, responding to a range of inquiries concerning the University.  GCA staff also manages Columbia Community Service (CCS), a program through which Columbia faculty and staff contribute to local non-profit organizations.  The office also has special responsibilities with regard to development of the university's campus expansion in Manhattanville and the associated West Harlem Community Benefits Agreement.


Combat Paper NJ will be conducting a multi-day papermaking workshop at Columbia University, where veterans and non-veterans will connect and learn how to make paper from military uniforms. Veterans will also be able to share their experiences with other veterans in closed-door workshop sessions, learn how to make paper from uniforms, and print unique images on the newly formed paper to create a finished work of art.

Join us as a volunteer with Read Ahead, and help light a fire in the life of a child! Read Ahead ignites a love of reading in young students through mentoring, improving their confidence as well as their odds for success in school and life.

The Family Annex


The Family Annex, a Columbia University affiliated preschool, is currently seeking either volunteers in the area of child care, or occasional substitutes who will be hired on an as needed basis to work with teachers in the classrooms. The children are between 1.9 years of age and 4. They are an 11 month program that is open to Columbia and neighborhood families. They are immersed in the Reggio Emilia philosophy for learning. 

Registering to vote is the most straightforward way to engage in the democratic process.  We know that voter turnout increases when people urge their friends to vote. Whatever your voting preference, we hope that Columbia students will do their part to increase turnout in 2016 by making their voices heard come November 8th. Please see Government and Community Affairs' voter registration page for a complete listing of voting resources.

Join us from October 3rd to October 7th for a week of exciting events as we celebrate civic engagement and register voters across Columbia.

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