Steven A Watkins

Project: Cross-sectional curriculum study and analysis leading to a report for smarter private and public energy management and sustainable environmental practices in Harlem.

Steven Watkins is the founder of KUURVE (Kinetic Urban User Renewable Visionary Environment), a sustainability development and technology firm providing a platform for eco-friendly urban development building resources, renewable energy solutions, job-training and education. Watkins is a certified LEED professional and has worked with organizations in Harlem in New Jersey around sustainability efforts.  Previously, he has worked as a community organizer in Harlem, a professional arts teacher in low-income communities and as a professional actor. He is the writer, director and producer of the Broadway production, “A Broadway Tribute to Katherine Dunham & 200 Years of Haitian Independence.” Watkins has held positions at the U.S. Department of Commerce and National Public Radio. In addition to other community volunteerism, Watkins currently serves on Manhattan’s Community Board 10. Watkins holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political-Economy from Princeton University and a Master in Fine Arts from The New School University.