Nancy Dorsinville

Project: Contributing to a “new narrative” amplifying the voices of Hatian-Americans, including highlighting enduring contributions from Haitian culture to the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, and Black Identity.

Nancy Dorsinville, currently Senior Policy Advisor to the United Nations Office of the Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Community-Based Medicine & Lessons from Haiti, worked in and with Haiti with the UN Office of the Special Envoy at the time of the devastating earthquake in 2010. In those roles, she has represented the government of Haiti to the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Clinton Foundation, among others. Prior to her work at the UN, Ms. Dorsinville worked as the Director of Academic Advisement in Global Health at the Harvard Initiative for Global Health and as the Director of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the New York State AIDS Institute. She has been a Revson Fellow at Columbia and a MacArthur Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health.