Michele Washington

Project: Curation and production of the Curious Stories podcast series featuring a cross selection of interviews with architects, urban designers, product designers, designers, interaction designers, experience designers, plus designers in areas such as computation design, and makers of color that are designing products.

Michele Y. Washington is a design research + service experience design consultant who has worked on a wide variety of community-oriented projects. Those include Food Wealth, an app to educate residents of Central and West Harlem about healthy food solutions; Empowered to Run, a nonprofit start-up platform to educate people interested in running for office; and Sprout by Design, which teaches urban farming to teenagers in juvenile detention. Ms. Washington is on the faculty at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and often speaks about 20th century African American designers. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Design Criticism from the School of Visual Arts and a Master of Science in Visual Communications from the Pratt Institute.