Manhattanville Campus Expansion

Columbia University is currently in the process of expanding to include a Manhattanville campus just north of Columbia’s historic Morningside Heights campus. The Manhattanville campus will consist primarily of the four large blocks from 129th to 133rd Streets between Broadway and Twelfth Avenue (see map), including the north side of 125th Street, as well as three properties on the east side of Broadway from 131st to 134th Streets. Further information related to the Manhattanville campus can be found on the Manhattanvile website.

Community Benefits and Amenities

On May 18, 2009, Columbia University President Lee Bollinger and the President of the West Harlem Local Development Corporation (WHLDC) signed the West Harlem Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) marking a unique partnership between the University and the residents in Manhattan’s Community District 9. The agreement, along with commitments made to the City and the State over the course of the formal approval processes for the Manhattanville expansion project, encompasses not only a financial commitment on the part of the University, but also a commitment of both “in-kind” resources and advice and guidance on a range of issues and programs. Two of these programs are administered by The Office of Government and Community Affairs:

Community Scholars

The Community Scholars Program at Columbia University is designed to offer independent, community-based scholars from Northern Manhattan access to a suite of Columbia University services and resources that allow them to work toward the completion of a particular project or to attain skill in a particular area. The program helps to foster and deepen ties between the University and the many independent members of the cultural and intellectual community surrounding it. To learn more about this program, please visit our Community Scholars page.

Disconnected Youth

In accordance with its commitment with Empire State Development, Columbia University offers resources for Disconnected Youth residing within the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ). The Office of Government and Community Affairs (GCA) manages this project to identify and engage disconnected youth, individuals ages 16 to 24 who are not employed, have not completed high school or obtained a high school equivalency diploma, in order to enroll them, at no cost, in existing NYCDOE high school programs or TASC programs. Although led by GCA, program management includes a consortium of University or University-affiliated offices including the Columbia University Employment Information Center and Community Impact, a University sponsored nonprofit. Community Impact offers one of New York’s premier TASC programs and continues to successfully engage at the community level with disconnected youth. Ultimately, upon receipt of a high school diploma or its equivalent, youth will be referred for skills training, work based learning opportunities and employment through Community Impact and/or other community based organizations. For more information, please contact us.