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Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center  

The real world experience of the Columbia Harlem SBDC provides Columbia’s students and faculty  opportunities to assist the thousands of small businesses and non-profit organizations within the upper Manhattan community, in addition to providing the Harlem community the benefit of the resources and brain power of a top ranked university. 

Employment at Columbia  

Columbia University is committed to attracting, encouraging and retaining a highly qualified workforce to support our mission of excellence in education, research and patient care.  A world-renowned reseach university in New York City, Columbia's success is the result of a diverse workforce coming together to help shape the future.

Manhattanville-specific job and opportunity information can be found here.

Community Impact

Community Impact is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located at Columbia University.  Community Impact (CI) serves disadvantaged people in the Harlem, Washington Heights, and Morningside Heights communities. Community Impact strives to provide high quality programs, advance the public good, and foster meaningful volunteer opportunities for students, faculty, and staff of Columbia University.  CI provides food, clothing, shelter, education, job training, and companionship for residents in its surrounding communities.

Double Discovery Center

The Double Discovery Center (DDC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization within Columbia College.  DDC works with low-income and first generation college Manhattan area youth (ages 12 - 27) to ensure academic skills building and focus, high school graduation, college entrance and completion, and responsible adulthood.

Additional services for the local community

Columbia University offers a number of community services, including the community benefits and amenities associated with Columbia's Manhattanville Campus Expansion.  

Columbia University Medical Center Office of Government & Community Affairs  

CUMC's Office of Government & Community Affairs represents the interest of Columbia University Medical Center before the federal, state, and city governments.  This office also develops and implements programs with the communities surrounding Columbia University Medical Center and serves as the primary liaison between the Medical Center and the external community.

Columbia University Office of Public Affairs & Communications

Columbia University Office of Facilities

U.S. Government Documents

Columbia University has been a depository for Federal documents since 1882.  Columbia University Libraries welcomes the use of its collections of U.S. Federal government and New York State documents by members of the general public.

Space Inquiries and Reservations

If you are seeking information regarding use of University space, please send an email messgage to indicating the space that you are interested in, and we will direct you to the appropriate department. Fees and availability will be determined in this process.